#Review: Lady Blackwing by Devorah Fox ♥♥♥ #ShortStories



I received a free copy of Lady Blackwing in exchange for an honest review

Lady Blackwing gets what it’s like to be a writer. Inspiration can be found anywhere, but it’s often like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall. First we open with the author that just knows his writing is great, but gets no affirmation. Then we meet Mercedes who looks at the world with a writer’s eyes, who lets stories consume her to the point of near-dysfunction.

Yeah… it’s exactly like that, and it made me chuckle to read it played out by another.

So, let’s get to the book. Short stories are not my usual thing. Mostly because I find it difficult to immerse myself in a handful of pages and when I read I crave escape. That being said, it’s also so incredibly hard to stuff a full story arch into those limits.

I think Fox did well at giving us a short and sweet story. I found a few issues that could be worked on (head hopping, opening with a character whose personality I would normally avoid like the plague in real life, and issues with punctuation and flow) that did make it a little hard to push through to the end.

On an imaginative and story-crafting standpoint, I think Devorah Fox could really breathe life into this girl and her adventures. It’s a unique and fun power she discovers, and it’s that uniqueness and imagery that will make me pick up another one of Fox’s longer novels.


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