#Review: #TheGlassCastle by Jeannette Walls ♥♥♥♥♥




My emotions are all over the place after listening to the audiobook for The Glass Castle.

This is the first memoir I’ve taken upon myself to read. I usually find the idea of memoirs boring, as I am more of an “other-wordly” type of girl and, obviously, accounts of real life lack that certain kind of magic.

The life of Jeannette Walls is far more terrible, and somehow magical, than I could have ever imagined.

This story had so many feelings wrestling within me, but mostly just plain anger. I cannot BELIEVE half of what her parents put her through. What makes it even worse is that most, if not all, could have been prevented. And that which could not be, should have been handled so much better. Walls did not have an easy childhood, and yet she somehow found happiness through most of it, even when the rest of us would be completely defeated. Obviously, as she grew older and wiser, she started seeing what her parents were putting her through for what it was, but even after taking charge of her life and well-being, she still managed to hold onto the love for her parents that I, personally, would have probably walked away from.

No child should go hungry because a mother believes self-esteem is more important than eating. No child should be denied medical care because a parent thinks modern medicine is some big conspiracy.
No child should suffer abuse (in so many forms) and have their parents make excuses for their attackers, if not outright ignoring them.

That Jeanette Walls survived, and later shared with the world, is a magic in it’s own right. This book isn’t easy to read. But anything worth doing is never easy.

~ Duckie



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