Review: Undead and Unwed by Maryjanice Davidson

Undead and Unwed (Undead, #1)Undead and Unwed by MaryJanice Davidson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m sitting here trying to think of the best way to explain my feelings on this book, and find it difficult. So let’s start with the fact that I listened to the audiobook version. This, I think, is super important to keep in mind and effects my personal enjoyment of this book.

Story: Overall this is definitely a fun fluff book. Something fun and snarky to pick up for a quick read. It is very short. There is a lot of f-bombs, a lot of snark, and not entirely lacking in the smut dept. In fact, there is a scene or two I would describe as outright vulgar. Now, this doesn’t bother me and didn’t detract from my enjoyment, this is just a warning for those who are uneasy about it. DEFINITELY DO NOT LISTEN TO THE BOOK AROUND ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING lol. Still, it has interesting, if a little two-dimensional, characters and fun dialogue. The overall story arch is pretty basic, with neat little twists on the common lore of vampires, but nothing omgosh amazeballs.

Narrator: I don’t know why buy Nancy Wu’s voice, at least as Betsy, DROVE ME INSANE! I continuously had to stop and remind myself to focus on the writing over the incessant, nasally, croaky whine of the voice telling the story. It was like nails on a chalkboard. And she made the men, who were supposed to be at least in their 30s and up, sound like immature teenagers. It was…. difficult. But I refused to give up the story. I am almost 100% sure that if I had read the book instead of listen to it, I would have just sank into it easily.

My advice: pick up the book and read. Don’t do audio. While the main character is shallow and materialistic, and selfish…. she was still fun. There are many scenes where I rolled with laughter. She is so pig-headed.

I will be reading the next book for sure. Guilty pleasure, y’all.

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Review: Uriel’s Fall by Loralie Hall


Uriel’s Fall: Ubiquity, #1

I came across the audiobook for Uriel’s Fall while looking for a narrator for my own work, and I must say the short two-minute sample I heard was enough to drive me over to Audible, register for an account, and download it.

Uriel’s Fall doesn’t waste time with the old good vs. evil rhetoric when it comes to demons and angels, and I couldn’t be happier for that. Hall brings a fresh look into the day-to-day lives of the inhabitants of Heaven and Hell, and Ubiquity is very much a day-to-day job. I love how she manages to meld the supernatural with the mundane seamlessly. This could very well be happening in the real corporate world and we would never know.

Ronnie is a fun character. Her snark helps to save her sometimes whiny and naive disposition. I mean, when you are a demon who can’t remember anything past three months ago, and had to have Lucifer pull strings to get you a job that feels daunting, I guess you have some things to whine about. And things don’t seem to be getting any better when an aggressive, bully-centric, and blood-thirsty voice suddenly starts talking to you, mocking your private thoughts. Especially when the voice appears to want a bloody vengeance against the three most powerful angels of all time.

Hall manages to keep the story flowing, effortlessly dialoguing Ronnie and the voice as she sets out to juggle a confusing love triangle between her, Gabriel, and Michael, figure out why Lucifer has suddenly become distant and unhelpful with getting her memories back, fighting with a d*** boss, and discovering what, or who, killed Metatron centuries ago and why she is connected to her death.

This book has quickly become one of my favorites and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into more. DEFINITELY worth a read, or listen!


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