Peer Critiques

The Unicorn and I are not editors by any stretch of the imagination. As much as I would like to be able to look at a body of work and fix everything that’s wrong with it, it’s just not going to happen. We are writers, not perfectionists. (Let me tell you how much more difficult that makes things in this business, oy!)

However, we both like to think that we can read something and efficiently point out where and why something might need to be improved. In fact, some of the best critiques and feedback I ever received while writing Deny the Moon came from my peers; other authors lending a discerning and unbiased eye and a special kind of “we’ve been there” support. We all fall victim to the cold stroke of a red pen, but we take what we learn and spread it to other authors to maybe keep them from making the same mistakes.

So in that spirit, Duckicorns will dip into hosting Peer Critiques every now and then. It might be anything from critiquing your first page to helping you tighten up your synopsis, to finding the most catching tagline. Keep your eyes on our blog, twitter feed, and facebook page for announcements of these events.