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Do you like to read? Do you love giving your unfettered opinion? Do you like free stuff?

Well, you are in luck!

Not only do we offer reviews to authors, but we also will help them connect with ARC Readers. What is an ARC Reader, you ask? It is someone who receives a free Advance Review Copy of a book prior to its official release date. These are important, because one of the best tools authors have for success is word-of-mouth and reviews from readers. So when a book officially launches and the authors are doing their whole “Hey, look over here! I did a thing! Why don’t you buy it?” song and dance, the audience they are advertising to will already have a handful of reviews to look at. It helps them decide whether or not they want to go forward with purchasing the book.

Also, the more reviews and ratings a book has, the higher it is ranked on sites like Amazon, which gives the book more exposure. Reviews really are the #1 marketing tool for authors, and is even more important to self-published/indie authors who don’t have a big publishing house backing them up with their marketing and PR department.

If you would like to get free books in exchange for an  honest review, then sign up for our ARC Team. You will be placed on a mailing list, and any time an author approaches us with an ARC, we will send out an email with the book details. As easy as that!

Things to keep in mind for readers:

  • Be respectful. You are reviewing the book only. If you don’t like the author on a personal level, you don’t have to read the book but you are not allowed to bash the author in your review in any way.
  • Please respond to and let us know if, yes, you will be reading and reviewing, or no, you will not be reading and reviewing. This allows us to give the author proper feedback in case the book does not appeal to anyone in our ARC Team.
  • If you accept the ARC, then stick to your commitment. There is nothing worse than waiting for a review that will never come. We understand extenuating circumstances happen, but if it becomes a trend you may be removed from the ARC Team completely.
  • Do not post 1-star reviews (or lower). If you did not like the book, or could not finish it, please email us and explain why. There may be something the author can do to fix the problem, but if you post a 1-star review, then it is there forever no matter if they fix the issue.


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