Review Requests

I love to read almost as much as I love to write. Sadly, the Unicorn and I don’t seem to get as much time as we would like to sit down and read a new book. Between our “day job”, running minions around, and trying to squeeze a little bit of writing time into each day, reading has become more of a luxury than something easily conquered.

That being said, as authors ourselves, we understand how valuable a review can be and we want to lend a hand to all the other authors out there. So, we will start accepting requests from authors to review their books.

The ebook file formats we will accept are .mobi, epub, and pdf. Once we receive your submission, if we are interested in your book you will receive an email requesting your preferred file.

Our favorite genres lean more towards the supernatural/magical stuff, but we will read a nice romance, mystery, or thriller and we like YA and Adult. We are less likely to enjoy Historical, Christian & Spirituality, Poetry. No MG, non-fiction, or children’s books.

We require a free copy for review purposes, but if you provide us with the buy link then we will add the link to the review.


As we are just starting out as reviewers, that means we are still building our review list! That’s good news for you! As you know, many review blogs have wait-lists that extend from a couple of months to over a year. Maybe one day we will get so popular that it will take time for a review from us, but that time is not now. Just please keep in mind that we do have day jobs and life responsibilities that might slow us down. For now, expect a 2-3 week return rate on review submissions! (Please keep in mind, longer books can take longer to finish and review)