What is a Duckicorn?!

Our baby!

A Duckicorn is a magical blend of the mundane and the extraordinary, which is literally what we are all about here! Writing doesn’t have to be dull and black or white. While there is nothing wrong with informative writing, or non-fiction work of any kind, that’s not what we do here. We crave other, and use our skills to weave other worlds and existences.

To us, there is nothing better than cracking open a book and being transported into vast universes where literally ANYTHING is possible. So that is what we wish to share with the world. We want blend to the magic into your life.

Our mission at Duckicorn Creative is to become a place where one might be able to find help, encouragement, a guiding hand, and hopefully a community for writing, expressing, and creating. Whether it’s by blogging about our journey to authorship, goofing off with one another, or giving others a place to let their muse shine, we want to help. We don’t want to build a better world; we want to create whole universes!

Want to take the first steps in your own journey? Follow the Duck and Unicorn. We will walk alongside you, with virtually no workplace accidents!


 Duckicorn Creative Squad

Melissa A. Graham                                         Amber Weaver


Duckicorn Creative Squad