Who Are Duck and Unicorn?

Melissa A. Graham

Infamous Duck, jerkface, and tea groupie. Addicted to new vocabulary words.

Melissa has had a love for anything supernatural for as long as she can remember. Vampires, werewolves, the occult… you name it. If it was something OTHER than the dreary mundane-ness of everyday life, she was hooked. She has not outgrown her love for the weird, even as she has started writing on her own. Her obsession with Harry Potter led her to online Harry Potter roleplay, where she not only met some of her closest friends (including la Unicorn), but also her husband. Without HP, she would not have the life she loves so much, which includes 2 of her 4 children who have all taken after her nerdy side. It also gave her a chance to become a writer for MuggleNet.com, the world’s #1 Harry Potter fan site.

Melissa has written and self-published one Urban Fantasy novel, Deny the Moon, and has a variety of other books in the works ranging from YA Magical Realism, to Sci-Fi, to Horror. With her desire to write in a range of genres, and her inability to give control to anyone else, Melissa has decided to walk the path of Self-Publishing and will share all the woes and woos of that journey with anyone who needs it.



Amber Weaver

Resident Unicorn, bish, and coffee whore. Warper of werds.

(Amber doesn’t like talking about herself, so until she gives me a dang bio to put here, I shall fill this spot up with random, made-up shenanigans.)

The daughter of the Bloody Baron and Crowley, Amber spends her days stealing semi-trucks full of Starbucks, slaying sales at Hot Topic, and making the annoying and ignorant piss ants of the world tremble at her icy laser-glare. Her job is raising the future overlords of the world, and making sure she has a comfy penthouse suite in Hell.